Mum-Of-Four Diagnosed With Cancer Refuses Conventional Treatment In Favor Of Plant-Based Diet

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  • Definitely, it must have been a shocking surprise to Sarah discovering a lump in her breast while dancing joyfully in her mother’s home on December 3rd last year. However, it took until December 30 to know that this lump was due to Stage 1 breast cancer. The mum-of-four has been told to pursue conventional treatment ranging from radiotherapy to mastectomy or lumpectomy. But she decided to turn down these options in favor of a vegan diet. Instead, Sarah made up her mind to heal this disease by totally eliminating meat and dairy from her diet. “I’ve chosen the natural way to show cancer the door, pronto,” as she puts it. If, however, despite her adamant decision, dietary change should not work out for her, she would reconsider her decision. Read on to learn more about this touching story.

    A mum-of-four with breast cancer plans to cure her illness with an alkaline-based vegan diet after turning down conventional NHS treatment.

    Sarah Valentine noticed an indentation on her left breast as she danced naked in front of her mum Annie Herbert’s mirror on December 3 last year.

    The 36-year-old was later diagnosed with cancer and offered either a full mastectomy or a lumpectomy, and radiotherapy, on the NHS.

    However, she defied medical advice by declining both options.

    Instead, Sarah, from Kent, says she plans to cure her disease through a combination of healthy eating, bitter almonds and purified water.

    She has overhauled her diet to eliminate meat and dairy – and says she is “100 per cent sure” that her breast cancer is “emotional”.

    “I’ve chosen the natural way to show cancer the door, pronto,” she said.

    Cancer experts do not recommend alternative therapies – such as special diets – instead of conventional medical treatment.

    They say there is no scientific evidence that a diet can cure cancer and that, in some cases, alternative therapies could be unsafe.

    Never an unhealthy eater, Sarah, who lives in Bethersden, says she is now following an alkaline-based vegan diet.

    She believes it will give her the best chance of beating the disease, which has previously affected numerous members of her family.

    By slashing acidic products, meats and even grains from her daily menu, a typical meal for her now comprises seeds and vegetables.

    Sarah plans to buy a costly vitamin C and sodium sultanate drip, to boost her intake and regularly takes iodine supplements and bitter almonds, a source of vitamin B17.

    She also takes Golden Paste – a product made up of turmeric powder, water, oil and pepper – every day.

    And she has invested in a £300 water filter, which she attached to her tap, to purify all her water.

    Sarah said she hopes her extreme measures will reverse the progress of her currently Stage 1 cancer, which is made up of two tumours measuring 2.1cm by 1.7cm and 1cm by 1cm.

    The mum, whose cable jointer boyfriend, Richard, 35, backs her decision, knows some people will think she is making a mistake in declining conventional treatment.

    But she is adamant her decision is the right one.

    “I’m a mum to four children – Jesse, 15, Poppy, five, Teddy, four, Billy, one,” she said.

    “They are my priority and I am not irresponsible.

    “This is not a diet, it is life and death.

    “I think by feeding my body good things, it will have an impact. I’ve done a lot of scientific research into it.

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